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What is the transfer balance cap?

By On February 18, 2021

The transfer cap refers to the amount of money that can be transferred from your superannuation account to your tax-free ‘retirement phase’ account.   At the moment, the transfer balance cap is $1.6… Read More


The types of benefits businesses should consider for their employees

By On February 14, 2021

n Australia-wide survey asked employees what benefits they would most want from their employers.  The following are the top 10 benefits: Flexible working Discounts on electricity, gas and water Continued education options… Read More


Choosing investment options in your super

By On February 14, 2021

Many Australians ignore the decision of choosing investments for their super and often end up in the ‘default’ option as they make no effort to choose otherwise.  Default options that aim for… Read More


The amounts you don’t need to include as income

By On February 14, 2021

Amounts which are not classified as income are split into 3 categories. Exempt income This is income that you do not pay tax on, although, some exempt income may be taken into… Read More

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