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The difference between short and long term financing

By On December 31, 2020

Maintaining healthy cash flow can be challenging; between ongoing expenses and bills, poor cash flow can severely impact your customers, staff and bottom line. Business owners need to understand the differences between… Read More


Pros and cons of reverse mortgages

By On December 10, 2020

Reverse mortgages allow you to use the equity in your home as security to borrow money. The following are pros and cons of acquiring a reverse mortgage.  Pros You will be the… Read More


The risks involved in debt consolidation

By On November 25, 2020

Debt consolidation is a form of refinancing which involves taking one larger loan out to pay off multiple small ones. Although this might make managing repayments easier, you may end up paying… Read More


Tracking your spending to spend less and save more

By On November 11, 2020

It’s hard to know where to start when you decide to take control of your money. It can be helpful to know exactly how much money is coming in and going out… Read More

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