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Consolidating your super

By On October 22, 2020

Consolidating your super can save you time and money. Consolidating your super means that rather than having multiple different accounts, all your super is in one account. Why you should consolidate your… Read More


Choosing a super fund

By On October 15, 2020

Choosing a super fund requires taking multiple things into consideration. Such as its performance, the fees you will be required to pay, details of the insurance, and different investment options that are… Read More


Insuring your super

By On October 6, 2020

Most super funds offer insurance as part of their super plan. It is important to be aware of what types of insurance you are covered by through your super fund to help… Read More


Salary Sacrificing for your Super

By On October 1, 2020

One of the most effective ways to add to your super balance is through salary sacrifice. Salary sacrifice involves the employee agreeing to exchange a portion of their salary (before tax) for… Read More

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