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Fuel tax credits for businesses

By On January 13, 2021

The government provides fuel tax credits for businesses with a credit for the fuel tax (excise or customs) that is included in the price of fuel used in machinery, plant, equipment, heavy… Read More


Lodging your business activity statement

By On January 7, 2021

Businesses that are registered for GST are required to lodge a business activity statement (BAS). These assist in the reporting and payment of: Goods and services tax (GST) Pay as you go… Read More


What do tax audits involve?

By On December 17, 2020

Tax audits are conducted when the ATO deems that a more extensive examination of an issue is necessary. These audits can be conducted on a fairly basic level or they can be… Read More


How to reduce the tax you pay

By On December 9, 2020

There are various potential ways you can reduce the tax you pay. You may be entitled to tax deductions, offsets or you may choose to opt for salary packaging.  Tax deductions will… Read More

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